Am I correct in understanding that if equipment is certified as "mb," there is no need to install an isolation barrier?

mb is the device's EPL (equipment Protection Level). it indicates that the explosion protección method employe in the device is the encapsulation method. That is, the electronics are potted or covered with a plastic liquid that after setting isolates the electrical/electronical components which may become an ignition source. But the EPL is only a part of the device's full marking (Example: Ex be mb IIC T4 Gb ). The analysis of the full marking is necessary to assess if an intrinsically safe barrier is required.

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1) Reur question: Do you mean Ex mb?
2) What country is the equipment in?
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The equipment holds the certification Ex e ib mb I IC T6 Gb, where "ib" signifies intrinsic safety. This certification confirms that the equipment is specifically engineered to restrict electrical energy, prevent the occurrence of sparks, and minimize excessive heat that could potentially ignite an explosive environment. Given this "ib" certification, is it accurate to state that isolated barriers are not necessary since the equipment already meets the required safety standards?

The equipment is installed on a vessel, and the end user is an Italian company.