Ammonia Alarm

Leaks in the ammonia can be very dangerous. Techniques like installing ammonia alarms can be a great option in this. The situation can be difficult to handle if you don't pay attention on time. When there is a leak in ammonia, the sensors will recognize them and the alarm will ring which will help people to reach a safer place before any accident.
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Unless you are adding value to an existing post by offering valuable information in a timely manner (that is, not posting to seven year old threads that haven't been active for six-and-a-half years), please don't start a thread by stating the obvious and not asking for help or information. Really? What's the point?
This is just piss-poor marketing that does nothing but cheapen the forum and will, if continued, drive people away and you'll have succeeded in killing what until now has been a very valuable source of information for hundreds, if not, thousands of people.
And what for? Are you increasing the likelihood of people searching for ammonia sensors finding your employer's website and products?
Pay for advertising space and tell us why your product is better than other ammonia sensors. Give us a technical reason--and a fair price for what your product does and does better than anyone else's--and do it in a compelling, intelligent way. And you'll increase sales and website traffic greatly.
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Write a compelling, intelligent article about how your employer's product is making the world safer at a competitive price and offer it to the owners of this website who graciously allow the information forums to exist and prosper. But if they don't prevent posts line this, no one is going to continue to use the technical forums section--because there's nothing of value if these kinds of posts are allowed to remain and proliferate.
Go ruin some other forum/website like Microsoft has allowed LinkedIn to be ruined. Leave this fine forum alone, and allow it to continue and prosper.
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