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Krzysztof Golanski

Dear Sirs,
At present I have the problem concerning damaged Core Memory Module( P/N 3257029-01) with two boards signed as ASSY 3285784-01 / S/N TA 772/ B 8211 AMPEX ("stack" portion ) and ASSY 3257029-01/config 16k*16/core type 1370-10F /AMPEX memory product division/ placed inside the control unit of old tool machine PULLMATIC. The best solution for me is to buy replacement part of core memory mentioned above or to give to repair but I don't know where. I ask for help - it's very important for me.
Krzysztof Golanski, Poland

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Frank Mitchell

A lot of those old core memory modules have cells (donuts) that break with age. If you examine it carefully you might be able to see the broken cell or little black donut. If you are good with your hands you might be able to remove one from an unused upper portion of memory and put it in the damaged location. That is how they used to be repaired anyway. I wouldn't attempt it if the board is partially usable now as you might render it totally unusable. There are companies that repair those things but I havent been in touch with any of them in years. Reliance Electric in the US used to fix Digital Equipment boards but I don't know if they still do. Good Luck.

Curt Wuollet

It has been many, many years since I have even seen core plane menory, and the sources I knew are defunct. But, I did a google search and found hits for both core and solid state replacements which is the course I would reccommend if possible. If you can get to a www capable machine I would follow the links provided. Solid state would probably be cheaper than core repair or replacement and would probably last the life of your dinosaur.


cww the dinosaur keeper.

James Johnson

I have an 8K x 17 version of this memory module. P/N 326479-01 From an old Square D 8881 ser A processor. What type of processor is your core memory out of. We still repair these dinosaurs!