Analog / Digital Converters for Weight Measurement


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John Kelley

Hi All,

I'm working on a project wherein a client needs to certify some parts based on oil flow rate through up to 16 orifices. All the oil is pressure injected from one port and flows (distributes) oil through the 16 different ports. They've built a jig that allows them to pressurize the part and weigh oil that flows
through each cavity.

They want to automate the process by using load cells (which they already own) to process a 0-10vdc signal and calculate oil flow (as a percentage of, say port 1,2,4,5). I think a A/D converter will work for this with some software
that will "snapshot" weights of oil on the loadcells during a particular interval.

Flow measurement may be a confusing way to describe it, however. What they really want to do is insure that, for example, port 1 recieves 2.67% while port 4 recieves 5.99% and that everything is proportional within spec.

Any suggestions of a good A/D package that will help or do I buy a standard A/D board and use VB or the like? They definitely want to use a PC to record this info for archival purposes, so it's the preferred platform.


John Kelley
Hi john,
i've worked in the industrial control industry for about 14 years and have just stumbled across
your posting.
From what i've read, you don't seem to have made it very clear how you're supposed to regulate
the flow to each port (if that's what you're trying to do).
I know of systems that can handle 16 0-10v inputs (as well as analog outputs if required).
Do you need to regulate the flow to each port according to feedback from the flow cells or do you just want to purely monitor what's going through each one?
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