Analog output registers - problems with writting to


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I'm using VersaPoint Remote I/O (ethernet NIU) connected with Rx3i (with ETM001 module).

Configuration of I/O modules:
1. 16-points input logic module
2. 1-channel output analog
3. 2-channel input analog
4. 2-point output logic module

I'm using modbus TCP protocol. Standard Coom_Req function for open,close,read,write commands.
Modbus register table in NIU for analog output is 576-766.

And I have problem with writing into 576 - 578 registers. Any other registers don't make such problems.

The fault number (in CRS word) when i'm trying to write to those registers is #0491H. I cannot find this code in documentation for "TCP/IP Ethernet
Communications for PACSystems User's Manual, GFK-2224D"

Any ideas what's going on?