analog signal 4-20ma/0-10V to rs232/485 by modbus RTU


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We are looking for products that can convert analog signal 4-20ma/0-10V signal and so on to rs232/485 with economic price.

The product is easy install and operate with high stability.

The communication protocol is ASCII and standard MODBUS RTU.

The input channel can be 1,2,4,8.
The ADC resolution is 16bit and 24bit.
The digital RS232/RS485 can output at same time.

Any one can help?

Curt Wuollet

Get a Koyo Click from Automation Direct.

Up to 36 channels of analog + RS232 and RS485 built in master or slave.
Probably the best price point for this capability and you

have a PLC for any misc functions.