Analog signal to Mobile Phones

Issue: I have to send an analogue signal (water level) from Discharge Reservoir to Pump Station, 2.5km away.

Our supplier, who is responsible for all electrical equipment selected wireless radio modem ZZ8D (spec attached)
He succeeded in radio communication with it in a short distance but failed in 2.5km though he tried with higher positioned antenna according to the suggestion of the manufacturer.

As far as I studied, a device like PM020 can report present water level of discharge reservoir to mobile phones when you ask it to the device.

I do not know whether this device can be connected with SM500 (ABB) and/or CM15 (ABB) - Universal process Indicator - (the wiring drawings are attached)

Please suggest the device which can work. Your insights are highly appreciated!


Hi, your post wasn't 100% clear. Perhaps the product we manufacture.
A change of state on the DI's (eg Dry Contact open/close or DC Voltage going Low/High) will trigger an SMS to your phone. Unit can also accept AI's (4-20mA) and you set trigger levels via Config Tool. Its uses 2G, 3G or 4G Cellular Networks.
Hope this is of benefit