Analog to frequency conversion


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John Brawner

For our design, we have decided to implement a communications interface for a lego mindstorm robot kit. Our overall goal is to allow a robot to transmit sounds in an audible frequency range to another robot. We want to convert the analog voltage from the connection ports to a digital frequency that can be transmitted from one robot
as certain commands. As we are still in our beginning stages, a lot more investigation needs to take place, but I was curious if anyone knew of a place to get a quality A-F converter that could convert into audible sounds? Any other
suggestions would be appreciated too.

Take a look at the Analog Devices AD654:





Shouldn't be any trouble at all to put the input voltage range you are looking for into an audible frequency range. Be sure to use a good quality capacitor for good results over temperature, and read the warning (last link). Have fun!::

Willy Smith
Numatics, Inc.
Costa Rica