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Michael Sing

I am looking at an application where I need to sample and record a number of analogue signals(16). The required sample time is 400 microseconds. I also need to store over 6 seconds of data for about 16 analogues (current and voltage). Has anyone used or know of a system that can do this. I need to incorporate the data into a networked PC system for viewing of the data from multiple locations.

Michael Sing

Curt Wuollet

Hi, Michael

That is well within the capabilities of several test systems I have built. I can point you to a site that would have the drivers and probably the
software pre-built for this sort of application. The large amount of data to be moved might be sticky for some of the commercial packages with GUI support and all, but if all you do is DAQ and display is on another machine you should have no big problems as long as the 16 channels don't have to exactly time-align. If they do, it's still fairly easy, just more expensive for 16 ch. sample and hold capability. Check out National
Instruments for commercial software or The Linux Lab Project for free (better for this purpose) software. For DAQ boards try Computerboards,
they are substantially cheaper with equal or better specs.
Cost $1400.00 for a Linux solution to several thousand more for a Windows (eg Labview) one.


Curt Wuollet

Alberto Maldonado

Mr. Sing:

Try to look at there are advantageous sample speed and possibility to register.


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