Analogy->Fable->Parable MS Monopoly?


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Dale Malony

But to extend this poor analogy further ??

Analogies are rarely intended to be precise. I only to take the example to
a realm that is more understandable than the behind the scenes maneuvering
of the MS case. The analogy was not to prove MS violated the law. When
similar actions are placed on a human level, morality within the law
becomes apparent. Yes, we live in a cut-throat world ... "Greed is Good"
... "Business is War" ... "All's fair in love and War"

But we don't have to agree that reality is right and we don't have to play
ball with a bully.

Please don't think I'm putting myself on par with Aesop, and certainly not
with the Prince of Peace Himself, but an analogy can often also be called a
fable or a parable. The purpose of such exercises is for lessons to be
learned that are deeper than can be plainly laid out. Indeed, entire books
are written in analysis of single parables. Multiple books can be written
in argument.

Those who have ears let them hear, those who have eyes let them see. The
Man who coined the enduring parables was fully aware that only a few would
hear His message as He intended. The mystery is that the character of the
listener is revealed in the interpretation. Those offended by analogies,
fables, or parables crucify the messenger.

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