Analyser for VCM in water


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Dr. M. A. Ali

Dear all list users, We are looking an application to measuse VCM in PPM/PPB level in water i.e. hot water (50 to 70 C) passing through the PVC pipes. The pipes will be stored with water fort some duration at specified temperature and will be analyzed for any residual VCM present. We have the following querries : 1) Which type of Analyser is best suitable for measuring the same ? We are interested to know which principle of analytic measurement e.g. UV Photometric or IR analyser, Gas or Liquid Chromatography can be applied & which is the best suitable from principle point of view ? 2) Is anyone having this application in use ? Which type of analyser is used & how much reliable it is ? Best Regards, Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ali Research Institute, KFUPM Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia Tel: 966 3 8602659 Fax: 966 3 8603586 Email: [email protected]
Will it help you ? Here is North-East USA there was (may be still existing) a company called " ORION ". In years 1980, they were the specialists in that kind of measurment (all sorts of anlytical design)