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Josh Wallner

I am an HVAC Service Technician with an interest in control systems design and programming. If anyone have any training information (or links) for the Andover/Infinity product line (relating to HVAC) please reply. Andover has been of little help. Thank You!

George Zucca

What would you like to know? I have been an Andover dealer/programmer/design engineer for over ten years. Let me know if you need any help. George Z
Did you need specific help on something ? or training manuals ? Do you have a controller ? whats the firmware version ? I used to develop the controller software for them, i may be able to help you... -Lenny

Josh Wallner

Lenny, Training manuals would be great, or cd roms or whatever you have? I would like to learn all Andover systems.....but would like to start with Infinity. Thanks, [email protected]
What Systems will the Andover Infinity system interface with? Are there any protocol converters like N.R.&D. that will do a real-time conversion?