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Recently, there has been growing concern within the LinuxPLC project and in the wider community that our continued association with may compromise our independent, open-source status.

These concerns are totally without foundation. However, as a community project we depend on the unassailability of our position and our image in the wider automation community.

We therefore feel that it is prudent to move the project away from and to some other host, and continue development there. We have selected SourceForge (, the home of hundreds of open source projects including well-known ones such as the Python language or the icewm GUI manager.

Our new web site is

A secondary benefit will be SourceForge's extensive expertise in open source projects. From day 1 we will have facilities such as bug tracking, facilities which we currently do not greatly need, but which will still facilitate development.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ken Crater, Dan Pierson and the whole team at for their hard work and support during the time we have been at their site. It is thanks to this fruitful collaboration that the project is as far as it is today and we hope it can continue into the future. We would also hope that all of you will follow as it's _your_ project and we need you.

Thank You

The LPLC team

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