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Steve Perry

We have established communication with Wonderware over NETDDE.
In Cimplicity, a device has been made with the Trusted Share in the topic, application is \\(correct_nodename)\ndde$.

Communication tests ok.

BUT I recieve this error: item TEMP expect data type FLOATING receive data type PTT_DOUBLE & item TEMP expect data len 4 receive data len 8

Excell reads the temperature fine. Why it seems to be sending 4 words, I have no idea.

Anybody got an idea?

Thanks in advance.
sorry, i should have included that those error messages appear both in the netdde dos troubleshooter and in cimplicity's cor stat log.

Jake Brodsky

There are so many ways this could be screwed up, I hardly know where to start. Check out the tools at this site: <a href=>RHA Mini Systems</a>. (demo use is free and that's pretty much all you might need until you start writing VB software...)

They sell DDE related software and it helps for link diagnostics quite a bit...

Friedrich Haase

Moin Mr. Perry,
to me it looks like a wrong data type for the tag. 4 Byte floating point (float) instead of 8 Byte floating point (double.) And for the data length I would read Bytes instead of words.

Friedrich Haase
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