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Just wonder if it is OK to install antivirus
such as TREND in conductor NT. Would it be problem? Would data be corrupted during storing and accessing to client?

Douglas Firlotte

I have the corporate edition of Norton Antivirus, running on 10 Conductor NT clients and 3 servers. The antivirus software was installed 5 months ago, and there have been no problems.

I've also installed a software firewall,(ZoneAlarm), on Conductor NT clients, but I haven't been able to get the firewall software to run on a Conductor NT server without causing the server to crash occasionally. Has anyone else tried installing a software firewall on Conductor NT?

Douglas Firlotte, Great Northern Paper
Just wanna know what configuration you have. Is it
Bailey Conductor NT with infinet loop? Is there any conflict during installation or operation as the sampling could be one second or millisecond.

Douglas Firlotte

Yes, I'm using the corporate version of Norton Antivirus on Bailey Conductor NT with infinet loop. I have real time protection turned on,
(default), but have turned off scheduled scans. Scheduled scans would cause problems. I've noticed no conflicts of any kind during
operation or during loading with these settings. I've loaded antivirus before loading Conductor on some PCs and after on others. Versions of Norton Antivirus older then 2001 did cause problems. The PCs I'm using are Compaqs and Dells, with speed from 450MHz to 900 MHz, all
with 256MB RAM. The version of Conductor NT is 4.0, service pack 1. All are running Windows NT 4.0 service pack 6a.

Douglas Firlotte Great Nothern Paper
Since Conductor NT is not routable and should be run as an isolated (local network) what is the need for antivirus software? Anyone who puts any control system on a plantwide network should be shot. Email, web browsing and any other non process control activity should be performed on a different PC. If you must use Antivirus software, Norton 2003 works well. Do not use the auto virus definition feature. Apply monthly updates manually.