Antisurge Problem

We have a GE M3142 turbine with Mark Vie control and option for antisurge control.

When the turbine reaches complete sequence and sufficient suction gas is available, it will be entered in surge cycle while antisurge valve is opened. and the machine will be tripped.

When did this problem start? After a maintenance outage? After a trip from load?

Are you 110% confident that all the manual valves in the sensing lines for the gas compressor are in the proper positions?

Has anyone done a "download" from ToolboxST to the Mark VIe? What is the state of equality between the ToolboxST file(s) on the HMI(s) and the Mark VIe? (Equality is shown in the lower right-hand corner of ToolboxST when on-line to the Mark VIe. To make it easy, equality is show with colored rectangles; green is equal; yellow is a minor difference; red is a major difference or some other major problem. You need to check EACH processor's equality, one processor at a time, by connecting to each processor one at a time and writing down the equality of each processor and reporting the equality of each processor.)

<b>PRECISELY,</b> what Process Alarms are annunciated when the unit reaches Complete Sequence--we need to know <b>ALL</b> of the Process Alarms that are active when the unit reaches Complete Sequence!

<b>PRECISELY,</b> what Diagnostic Alarms are active when the unit is STARTED, and when the unit reaches Complete Sequence? If you can't get the list of Diagnostic Alarms from WorkstationST Alarm Viewer, you will have to use ToolboxST to check each I/O pack and processor with a yellow triangle icon with an exclamation inside of it next to the pack/processor, or each I/O pack and processor with a red icon next to it, and write down the Diagnostic Alarms to report them back to us.

Again, be absolutely certain ALL of the manual isolation valves for the various sensors on the gas compressor system are in their proper positions (open if they should be open; closed if they should be closed; throttled if they should be throttled), and tell us when the problem started. In other words, what changed between the time the unit was starting without problems, and when this problem started. AND, provide a comprehensive list of alarms--Process and Diagnostic--even if you believe (or someone on site believes) some alarms are not relevant. We need to know ALL of the alarms which are active during the START attempt and after the trip event.