Antisurge valve failure reporting case study


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i'm not sure if i my post in the right forum, but hope it will or at least to receive a guidance :)

i have in my field two compression trains, associated with anti surge system that contains of an anti surge valve and recycle valve in parallel for each train.

i wish to order a complete valve as spare for the anti surge and the recycle valve, but i'd like to support my order with case study for a failure of those valves occurred before but failed to find any on the web.

do somebody find a passing in those valves or read about it

thanks in advance..
those are comprehensive paid studies, probably requiring a year to complete with computer simulation, field tests, etc...

if you have to ask how much, then you likely cannot afford it, I don't believe it is considered "free advice."

But when you get that report, you might post it here for us to look at!