Any news on PuffinSCADA yet ?


Greg Goodman

> As I remember, PuffinSCADA should be released in this past summer. And we did not hear anything about this. Anyone knows what the current situation is ?<

Bob and I demonstrated PuffinSCADA at the ISA show in Houston last week. Our thanks to for providing us space in their booth, and for their promotional efforts. You can read the press release they issued about it:
We are working to get the code ready for release, and to produce enough documentation to make it readily usable. (Talking to people at the show about what the software is and does made it clear just how important the documentation is going to be.)

As noted in the press statement, we expect to be able to release the software in the next few months, and we hope to start posting documentation in the next few weeks.

When the website goes up, we'll announce it here (and probably in a few other places, too).

Thanks for asking. We appreciate the interest.


Greg Goodman
Chiron Consulting
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Kannan Moudgalya


We are in the process of buying a PLC and we wish to use PuffinSCADA with it. Indeed we have been hoping to contribute to the linuxplc project but
because of lack of a PLC at our site, we could not be of much use.

The question I have is whether Schneider Premium PLC will work well with PuffinSCADA or is there a more suitable model or a more suitable
manufacturer? As we are buying our first PLC, we don't have allegiance to any make and the software compatibility is the main criterion.

Kannan Moudgalya

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