Any programming language for my product

I am from a computer networking back-ground and working(researching) on my first IOT product for last one year. I have completed most of the basic set up and Now I'm leveling up for this project. I will have to set up a user-interface and perform a few operations on that page. I will have to write code for following options:

1) I will have to create a page where a user can insert a number
2) I might need a server to process this number and convert this number into binary and then when I once operation done, convert binary to text and then show it to the users like this tool:
3) Create a database to store values

Now, my question is, which programming language should I use for this project? I will learn that programming language from scratch. I have asked the same question on another programming Q & A site and they said me to ask this question on an electronics forum.


One is tempted to state, you should ask this question on a programming Q & A site ..
You photo of hardware suggests a trick question - is there any form of processor (CPU) on the board with the fan ?
Assuming you have no processing hardware at all - by ignoring your background I see 3 separate scenarios:

- The Arduino is cheap and readily available for anyone for control. It has it's own language based on C++.
- Industrial controllers such as popular Siemens S7-1200 have starter kits. The programming architecture appears to be based on an old computer type language; but we can state it complies with international PLC Programming Standard [Part 3 of IEC 61131].
- My own background was of an Industrial controller Allen Bradley PLC2; a straightforward industrial controller based on 16bits.
Now obsolete, and having only 1k memory, and yet had 'ladder logic' prgramming through it's own dedicated programmer. It's I/O modules were also 16way, so you could data entry on thumbwheel switches - Binary Code Decimal or BCD. The Allen Bradley PLC5 series has been on the market for many years, and with increased memory size can hold stored data.

I trust this has given an insight into what can be done. Part of my growing experience was using Assembler on an 8bit Motorola processor. This could drop into subroutines and perform 32bit mathematics in realtime situations.
I looks like your hardware will interface with a microcontroller.
In that case use the tools for the microcontroller you decide on. Most likely the language will be some form of C
Another popular option would be to use a rasberry pi , you could then develop in C or Python.
Python would have a shorter learning curve.
After a research I'm planning to learn Python. I read that Google also uses Python and it has many built-in packages that I can use on my app. It's just two days, I will need atleast three months to fully learn this.
Try Rust...I'm having a look at it now.
I needed something that is safer than c and c++
Also I dont want to spend years learning a new language..
Things are upfront in the language it needs a certain mindset... but a very doable exercise
These two programming languages are frequently used to create Android applications. When writing code, Kotlin is quicker and clearer than Java. Java excels in terms of scalability when creating sophisticated apps.
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