Any Such Thing As Open Ethernet I/O?


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We're considering using Ethernet I/O for our machines to avoid some of the bus war issues and because it's fast enough and it's cheap. But we're finding only proprietary protocols. Is there such a thing as open Ethernet I/O? If so, who has some experience using it? Any results, especially in discrete manufacturing/machine tool/packaging or assembly operations? All leads/information greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Cristian Gliga

I have used National Instruments's FieldPoint I/O system. This I/O system provides a direct Ethernet and Fast Ethernet connection with 100%TCP/IP compatibility. The application I used it was alignment and QA of CRT tubes with a cycle time of between 3 to 4 minutes.

Hope it helps.

Cristian Gliga - Sysatems Integrator
Modicon has some pretty good I/O in their Momentum line - these things talk Modbus/TCP, which is an open protocol. Also try Advantech's ADAM series - not quite as well established, but they are inexpensive.
WAGO has an effective slice I/O system that is extremely flexible. Speaks Modbus/TCP which requires no 3rd party product from VB or C.

My company has an Ethernet IO solution using Modbus TCP/IP. There are a million drivers out there that support Modbus. The new drivers such as OPC, Itellution, National Instruments Lab View etc support Modbus over Ethernet as well as many PLC's. It communicates faster that Modbus Plus and Support IP addresses as well. Check our web site or

Thanks very much for your reply. You indicated that the application used direct and Fast Ethernet--is that 10/100 Ethernet? Also, you indicated it was 100% compatible with TCP/IP. Was this application, then, a remote monitoring/control application involving communications via Internet or Web protocol? Could you explain the procedure as used in alignment and QA of CRT tubes?

Thanks again for your response.

Thanks for the reply. Have you used either Modicon Momentum or Advantech ADAM series I/O in any applications? What types of applications? Were you satisfied with the results? That is, was it sufficiently fast and robust to meet your needs?