Any way to convert deviceNet/controlNet to RS422?


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I have a number of machines running on Omron CPM2A PLC that i wanted to link up to a PC for machine status monitoring and setting downloading and uploading.

I planned to use rs422 since Omron only has one RS232 and one proprietary peripheral port. What i can do is:
Use rs232->rs422 converter at PC side, then at each PLC side use Omron rs422->rs232 converter to do multidrop.

However because of the low Bandwidth, i am thinking of alternatives. Such as using field bus like DeviceNet. The problem now is to convert the 2 different signals.

Anyone has experience in doing that??
Suggestion can be other means than DeviceNet.

Thanks advance for the help.
I have right now I CPM2A Connected to an Ethernet Network. I used a product from ICP DAS. It is a RS232 to Ethernet Converter. By installing the software that comes with it Called VxComm You Can install a Virtual Com Port. Giving Programs Like Syswin or Cx-Programmer Complete Online/Upload/Download/etc... Capablity.

They also sent examples on a CD if you need to write any VB Code.

This Unit was real easy to setup... Just set the IP Address and your off and running. (IP Can be set from a PC either thru the RS232 Port
or over the Ethernet Network.)

I Think you can get them in 1 E-Net port to 1 RS232 all the way up to 1 E-Net port to 7 RS232.(included is also a RS485 Port on most of the
units,which you can also use and map a Com port to)

The Unit I have is 1 E-Net Port to 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 for About $225.

Hi Doug, thanks for the reply.
It seems like a good idea to do that. But i am connecting to several CPM2A which i linked up using multidrop RS422 network through
CPM1-CIF11 module.

In this case, is it still possible to use this method. If yes, how do you take care of any collision? Is this type of connection full-duplex?

I knew that i can use 1 E-Net port to multi com port but that will cost me quite a lot, isn't it? Further more, i already have the CIF11
adapter bought.

Any suggestion?

Yes this device does RS232/485/422 to E-net.
As to if it is full-duplex I Thought I was told it was,but I can't find that info. right now. I will find it and see if I can e-mail.

You can e-mail me @ [email protected]

I'LL keep looking for the info.