Anybody used InBatch and DeltaV?


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Iain Johnston

Our company is faced with the decision between Wonderware InBatch (possibly just InTouch) and FR DeltaV system. Anybody have any Validation experience with both systems? Anybody have any nightmares or recommendations? Any advice appreciated.
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James Collins

A product by Rockwell Automation will provide more bang for the buck (RSView32). Tags purchased are less expensive than WW. They have software called RSBatch which is being used by more industries. Rockwell also provides improved technical support. Visit for more info.
I personnally used WW and REView. RSView was less expensive and had more drivers.


I don't know what your native control system is but I can tell you that I prefer and recommend an integrated batch solution rather than a non-integrated batch solution.

PRO's for Integrated Batch Solution
No PLI(Phase Logic Interface) development.

Engineering Time for this solution is much less using a tightly integrated Batch Engine with your controller phase logic.

CON's for Non-Integrated Batch Solution

PLI development is a nightmare. Custom PLI's must be written to integrate a Non-Integrated Batch Solution with your controller phase logic. Although OPC(Ole for Process Control) makes integration between a non-integrated batch engine to your controllers easier. You have to put in the time to make this happen. You are also faced with the decision on how do you handle your batch engine PC failing? How will you operate your plant when the batch engine fails? Does the graphic HMI allow you to interact with your phase logic? How will your non-integrated batch engine respond with your controller phase logic after you have taken semi-auto control at the controller level via the HMI....The Batch Engine will be lost during the time it was offline.

Engineering and Maintenance of code is a NIGHTMARE!!

Just a few things to think about.

Hope this helps
I am not familiar with Inbatch so this will be a one sided conversation. DeltaV batch is a very tightly integrated routine. The tools to assure S88 standards are met are embedded in both the controller software and in the Batch interface on the GUI. Report management has also built into DeltaV and will not have to be written. Should you desire to use OSI PI to historize your data
for future review, this is a very simple OSI PI license purchase. Should you decide to use unit management, this can be added to the DeltaV licensing.

The downside: You pay for all the development. Of course you will with Inbatch, but it will be your time that is used to pay for it instead of