Anyone have some experiences with Flowmeters?


Do you guys have some experiences with flow meters from Endress hauser my type is endress hauser promass 80E, what i need to do here only is to set up max flow-over 120% value, but i cannot find this parameter in Quick setup or in other menu,i need to be sure which parameter is it no just guessing, can anybody help if you guys have experiences with this type flow meters.
In attachment is parameter i need to set up and flow meter label, every pump has it's own flowmeter which i do need to set up these value for.

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm lost. I've done lots of flow meters but I don't know what "max flow over 120%" means.

Are you measuring gas or liquid?

What is communication output of the flow meter? A digital protocol or 4-20mA?

The typical flow restriction on a coriolis meter is when the pressure drop gets too high and that limits the flow. There's a table in the manual for each nominal sized meter for its maximum flow range, like DN 25 is 0-18000 kg/h. You want to flow 125% more liquid than 18000 kg/h in a DN25 meter? or what!
Sorry for not sharing more details, It is 4-20 ma, it is liquid, and it is meant as maximal allowed value for flow increased by 20%, so If pump will suck 100kg/min it will be 120kg/min,
So need only parameter in which i would be able to set up maximum allowed flow.
It occurs to me that the situation is a number of flowmeters are being commissioned.

The spreadsheet has a column for each point that has a 'maximum' expected flow rate. The flow meter has a 4-20mA output which is to be configured for 125% of that maximum flow rate so that in case the expected maximum is exceeded, the overrange maximum will not be truncated or clipped off at the 20mA end of the 4-20mA signal.

If this is the case, multiply the maximum flow rate on the spreadsheet by 1.25 (125%) and then round it up to a value divisible by 5 or 10 so that the divisions on a bar graph or chart scale can be in units that people can easily interpolate.

For instance, if the max value is 63 kg/h, then is 78.75 kg/h which is not an 'even' value.
Use 80.0 as the 125% of max flow rate value because 80.0 can have division every 20, 10, 5, or 2 units.

The 80.0 value is the Upper Range Value, URV, the value that 20.0mA represents that needs to be configured in the E&H. Although I've done E&H meters I can't recall whether E&H uses the term URV. I don't have immediate access to an E&H manual. Maybe an E&H guy will see this and tell you quick what the URV is called by E&H.
Typically you are only given normal process flows from the material-energy balance calculations.
The instrument range is typical chosen at factor of 120-140% larger than normal flow for d/p meters to account for variations in the pump capacity and valve swings, and so on.