APACS and 4-mation Help?


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CO=OP Student

I am CO-OP student working for a steel company out in Pennsylvania. This is my first time working with APCAS and 4-mations' software and hardware. I was looking for some direction on how to start my project. 4-mations is very user-friendly software, but I seem to have some trouble initialize the computer software to the hardware. My project consists of taking in 3 temperatures readings and 4 pressure readings. Take the readings, make a simple calculation, and display the results on the screen. Any help with or direction will be greatly appreciate.

Sandeep Shroff

Please elaborate on the problem faced by you. Probably I will be able to help you.
Also specify what 4-mation version are you using , OS platform, etc. What is the application that you are working on?

Mike Frasier

Could you supply me with a little more info? Are you using "Vision"? Have you configured the I/O and what blocks are you using to do the calculations? Be sure to "copy type" and give it a unique name when using a derived function block.

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