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Hi list, I'm looking for the API/programmer-package for Coros LS-B. It enables one to write C-routines for this ancient SCADA system from Siemens. I informed myself at Siemens but they don't support Coros LS-B under FlexOs anymore.(?) I want to use this package to handle the Index- archives on the system. To replace the SCADA system is not an option at this time because the plant is to large(8000 dynamic images,20 Operatorstations,18 PLC's connected on Ethernet and Profibus)but in time this is what we should do because Siemens do not support their communication-cards either.(?) Thanks. Pat.

Hakan Ozevin

Well this is a general problem of support of old systems. All the companies including Siemens can give the spare part (hardware) you need, but not the developing package (software) any more. I can understand this because they claimed it as a "mature" product long time ago, and does not have any engineers to help you for *developing* purposes. They made a plan for systems on Flexos, but the world went through Windows (By the way I think that world made a wrong decision, since Windows is very weak compared to Flexos or even to C-Dos or even to PCPM). But you are compeletely right, since you could not know that there will be no support after some years. I will suggest the followings: 1. Force Siemens once more since they have a commitment to give maintenance after 10 years following the production has stopped. Your case can be regarded as a maintenance rather than a service, as you cannot change your system. They have a department (old ANL, now ATD) which gives support for such old products but the automation people (new A&D) may not know (yes, because its a huge organisation). 2. If this does not help, consider that there are some companies in your situation and they are supported by some software companies mostly located in Germany. Try to find them. Try www.hilscher.de for example. Good luck! Hakan Ozevin