Appium Inspector not loading

Could not Launch Appium Inspector "Could not start a new session

Be sure the Appium server is running with an application opened by using the "App Path" parameter in (along with package and activity for Android) or by connecting with selenium client and supplying this in the desired capabilities object."

error: Failed to start an Appium session, err was: Error: Could not find a device to launch. You requested 'iPad 2 (7D3413F6-F99B-4B56-AF0D-5842278377B2) (8.1 Simulator)',
but the available devices were: ["iPad 2 (8.1 Simulator) [7D3413F6-F99B-4B56-AF0D-5842278377B2]","iPad Air (8.1 Simulator) [AA6257B1-D3E0-49A6-85C2-F865B17ED6CD]","iPad Retina (8.1 Simulator) [6D0482A4-0951-43FF-AC0C-75C910B52FB7]","iPhone 4s (8.1 Simulator) [212DB040-8023-436D-936E-9ED2115715F3]",
"iPhone 5 (8.1 Simulator) [7BD46F32-1080-4E35-9594-A3ED679FDED9]","iPhone 5s (8.1 Simulator) [536F6937-7CC7-42CD-984E-3B79FF163808]","iPhone 6 (8.1 Simulator) [C7F06CC8-934B-429A-9ED0-2637A069502A]","iPhone 6 Plus (8.1 Simulator) [19D4AA61-799E-4018-BB1D-B73FB51E7629]"]

Can anyone help me come out of this? I am very new to Appium

Thank you