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Healy, Chris

I am replacing a failed Kurz flow measuring device and I am seeking recommendations on an appropriate device for the application. Some of the key issues concerning this flow meter are:

* The meter will be used as a switch to establish flow.
* The presence of liquid (i.e. water) in this specific process stream that caused the current meter to fail is extraordinary and
does not occur during normal operations. Therefore, it is unnecessary to measure the flow of this liquid. For the purpose of specifying flow measuring equipment, the process stream is dry with the rare exception to the point of saturation.
* The new device will be installed 18-24' downstream of the outlet to a wet scrubber.
* The position of the new device, 18-24' downstream of scrubber is the longest stretch of straight piping (~31 feet) in this process

Considering the points mentioned above, I am soliciting quotes based upon the following specifications for a flow meter to measure a process stream with the following conditions:

Temperature: 165 F
Pressure: 10.2 psia
Design Rate: 38,126 ACFM
Minimum Rate: 9,834 ACFM
Minimum Case: ext. idle
Gas Moisture: ~48% vapor
Particulate Size: 10 microns

Feel free to contact me to discuss your questions or comments. Vendors should contact me directly. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Chris Healy
General Physics Corporation
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Larry Bingham

I've had some good results using Air Montor Corporation's self-averaging pitot tube primary elements in conjunction with their low dP monitor/switch units.

Good luck
I would do like Larry.
Plug in an Annubar averaging Pitot tube, then send to an ITT BARTON analog switch or set the low flow (no flow) to the input card.
With Annubar, forget humidity and the micrometric particles. This primary element is a lot more rugged than it looks, it is almost a self cleaning device: because of the hydro/aerodynamics.