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I want to know about one of the features in the neural network which is called classification. Beside that I want to know what is the available software in the market that has artificial neural network facility.
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Mark Fairbaugh

We use KnowledgeScape software as an expert control system. It utilizes a neural network.

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Diana Bouchard

BrainMaker from California Scientific Software ( seems to be a widely used, PC-based package for building neural networks. Ward Systems offers a number of NeuroShell products, one of which (NeuroShell Classifier) seems to
be specialized for classification problems
( I have no personal experience with either product, but both seem to have been used successfully in real-world applications.

Gensym Corp. ( has a NeurOnLine product but it may be too high-end (and expensive) for your needs, being specialized for real-time control.

Diana Bouchard

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