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I have set up an As-i Bus Network through a PLC As-i master module. This network contains the PLC,the As-i master,the As-i power supply and some slaves,ones with seperate 4I and seperate slaves with 4O.

Although the network does not have any problems, there is something that i am missing. At the manual of one of the Output
slaves (Code number XZS DA04D32) says that i have to supply external supply to the actuators so i can have the output signal,and this must be done through the Slave's base. And this is the problem, i don't know the exact way to give this seperate supply! If anyone can help me please i need it.

Thanx everyone in advance

James Ingraham

Umm, dumb question: the manual that tells you need to supply voltage doesn't have a wiring diagram showing you where to connect it? That seems very strange. I don't know whose AS-i stuff you're using and I don't recognize the part number. On the AS-i slaves with flat cable vampire connect, there are two cable paths. One should have the yellow flat cable, the other should get a black or red flat cable that provides power. If it's an M12 round connector there should be a pin-out in the manual.

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Most AS-i DC output modules require the user to supply an external 24 VDC to power the connected output devices. The module you reference will have a connection point for the AS-i yellow flat cable (to carry data and power for the input devices) and a connection point for the AS-i black flat cable (should be a second flat cable tray or M12 connector).

The black flat cable is designed to carry a standard 24 VDC to the module to power all of your output devices. This cable is readily available from most AS-i suppliers. Applying standard 24 VDC through the black cable will provide power for your output devices.

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