AS511 on PLC 115 U TYPE 945


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thierry gruet

want to connect HMI on PLC 115 U TYPE 945 with AS511 protocol.
seems request are really different than PLC115U 940-944.
FOr 115U 945 adresse are coded on 4 bytes format rather 2 bytes like 115U 944.
Read request is OK (04H) but have some problem for write request (03H)

need some information about all AS511 request for 115U 945

Sanjay Patel

Dear Friend

Please first use the system_Info query that return the First addresss of PIQ, PII, Retentative flags, Timers, Counters etc. According to the response you can map your I/O of the PLC. If you have stil problem please give me more detail I will help you.


Sanjay Patel