Ash level measurement


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Ash is filled in continuously, so there is a big problem with dust clouds in the vessel. On buyers demand, ultrasonic measurement or plump-line system are not acceptable.
Does anyone have any experience with that kind of measures? Any suggestion on measurement system selection?

Typically, nuclear point level detectors have been used for this measurement in the power industry for many years, because they do not foul, and are extremely reliable even under conditions of extreme heat, dust and ash buildup.

Try ThermoMeasureTech or OhmartVega or Berthold Technologies or BSI Systems or Ronan Nuclear Div. (I don't think I left anybody out...) And maybe Stock Equipment.

Walt Boyes

(caveat: I worked for the predecessor of ThermoMeasureTech for almost 10 years, and was the Power Industry manager for most of that time, among other hats, so I am somewhat prejudiced in favor of their stuff...but everybody makes good stuff...and this is the choice for ash hoppers, honest.)

You can also use vibrating type level sensors--either probe type or tuning fork type, these are cheap and easy to install.