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I have a Control Logix and want plug some ASI networks, does anybody know if there is an ASI Master that so i can hook up those asi networks...

I want to use ASI because Devicenet is more expensive...

Thanks in Advance.

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Once last thought - you spent the $$$ on a ControlLogix PLC, why would you mess around with ASI rather that DeviceNet. The cost delta is not that great, unless you're getting bent over of the price of the DNET stuff. If you have a choice, make your life easier and pick a fieldbus supported by the PLC manufacturer. Or pick a PLC manufacturer that supports ASI without using third pary scanner modules. It looks like you're asking for trouble - Rockwell's not going to help you (much), the scanner guy will likely try, unless (or more likely when) you find a bug in the interface between ControlLogix<=>ASI-Scanner<=>ASI-Device, you'll be pulling your hair out. In for a penny, in for a pound - do DeviceNet or pick another PLC.

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How about an AS-i (version 1 or 2), InterBUS, ProfiBUS, and Ethernet (ModBus TCP/IP) master at the same time. I have a client changing from DeviceNET to AS-i for that same reason. He now uses a Modicon Premium PLC that can handle multiple/independent AS-i (two AS-i V2 networks in his application) and Ethernet networks per CPU. The Premium comes in 14 different CPUs that you can use to "gauge" your performance/cost needs. Good luck.

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I am not aware of any AS-i Gateways to EIP.

There are, however, two possible solutions for your application.

1. Use a Modbus TCP/IP card (instead of the EIP card) designed for the ControLogix platform (Prosoft makes one). This would allow you to use the Modbus TCP/IP ethernet to AS-i gateways available from multiple vendors (ifm electronic, P&F, B&W etc.)

2. Use the AS-i master designed to fit into the ControLogix chassis. This would be a direct connection of AS-i to the PLC. This is also available from the same set of vendors.

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