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Chris Nolan

I am thinking about running asi through sliprings on a rotating machine to monitor interlocks on the rotating cages. I would appreciate any advice or thoughts on this
I have not run ASI through sliprings but I _have_ worked on a project which had Mitsubishi IOLink through sliprings. This is a 4 wire network (2 power, 2 signal) which supports up to 16 nodes of 4 inputs, so not a million miles from ASI. The Mitsi distributor wasn't at all sure but when we actually tried it we had absolutely no problems (the PLC was monitoring for lost nodes all the time).

The sliprings we used were expensive, and the rotation speed was fairly low (about 60rpm).

Try it, it might well work.
You might contact the Data Linc Group at:

They have experience using FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) to transmit signals across slip rings. You can also talk to Jim Steffey @ 425-882-2206(USA) at Data-Linc.

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Mike Wehrenberg

There are "communications"-rated slip rings on the market. They typically have specs that say 100 to 200 megaHertz can be sent without signal degradation. I have seen them on AB's RIO at
57.6Kbaud and on Devicenet at 125Kbaud. I just wish I could remember the brand names!! Anyway, I have seen them work very well but I do know that the vendors who design, support, and/or
"own" the network have a "buyer beware" on the use of these communications slip rings.

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One of my customers put Token Ring Lan thru slip rings by converting the signal to optical (small laser), then shining the laser thru the center of the hub and converting back to digital on the

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I have used slip rings for PLC control via "blue hose." They were mercury wetted slip rings with 3 contacts for comms and 9 or so for current (15
amps) each. It was a low RPM appliction. I give the application a rave review. The resistance through mercury wetted slip rings is very minute,
and there isn't enough noise to affect RIO comms, so maybe it will work for you as well.

Sid Roberts

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Adrian Chesney

The AS-Interface Handbook has a AS-i Slip Ring application at Krones AG (drink manufacturer). So there has definally been at least one successful application. You can get hold of the handbook
via the website
Adrian Chesney GGH

Marc Sinclair

> >I am thinking about running asi through sliprings on a rotating
> >machine to monitor interlocks on the rotating cages. I would
> >appreciate any advice or thoughts on this

a lot of the suggestions are fine for comms only, but remember that ASI is modulated over the Power
the rating of the rings must take this into account

marc sinclair

B M Renukaprasad


We have successfully used a product known as Rotocon, US for communicating with a AB PLC. The system is working very well in extreme environments. But is quite pricey.


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Hallo Friend !!

Although its late but I would like to throw some light on this issue.
You can for sure use ASi thru sliprings. This has been tried out and working in mahy installations. Please log onto the ASi website and you will get the application details.
They have published a new book with lots of examples and in that you get to see applications using sliprings.

So just relax and go ahead.



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