Aspen IP.21 to OSI PI Conversion


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Anyone ever been through this conversion, and if so how did you convert your client tools such as MS Excel spreadsheets using the Aspen Addin to the OSI addin, and, conversion of Aspen Process Explorer trends to OSI PI Processbook?

Thanks for any experience you can share.
We may be able to offer you some assistance with this if you need it.

We have in the past performed various changes to existing IP21 plots and whilst we have not actually done what you are asking for we do not see that it should be too challenging.

We also have our own client tools that can be used with both Infoplus.21 and OSI Pi as well as many other data historians.

Please get in touch if you do not hear back from anyone who has performed a similar migration or if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

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Bill Graham

Sanjiv Mahajan

I have done it for one of the top Canadian Power generation company, but it was OSI PI to Aspentech IP21 conversion. Excel reports/Trends/Grphics migration from IP21 to OSI PI is exactly similar to PI to IP21 migration.One can contact me at +91 9370213129 any time.

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Sanjiv Mahajan