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Daniel M.

Does anybody have EXPERIENCE with this task? We need medium accuracy only. Thanks!
Try mounting your hopper on load cells and using a load cell sum box/card available from most load cell suppliers, then use a (loss in weight)/(time) algorithim to calculate your rate. Add some intelligence to the system so that it can detect when the hopper has been re-filled.
We have had good luck and fairly good accuracy using a Panametrics XMT868 Flowmeter using transducers that are usable above 500 degrees F. This unit is being used to measure asphalt at about 400 degrees F at the outlet of a Deasphalting unit as it goes to tankage. Metered flow and tank upgauges generally agree within 5% or so.

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Contact Engineering Measurements Company with regards to their HELIX flow meter. (Mr. Saeid Hosseini @ 303-651.0550) They have sucessfully used this meter on bitumin service in Sweden.

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Jonathan Fiedler

Two technologies have been successfully applied to this application, coriolis mass flow meters and ultrasonic time of flight spool piece flow meters. Contact me if you would like more details.

I have seen people use clamp on ultrasonics with some success. Try companies like Controlotron and Eesiflo