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I want a electronic plan and informations about the ELEKTRONIKON MKIII. The design Company is Prinma Electronics and the Customer Company is Atlas Copco. Help please.
I also want information on the Elektronikon MK111. Our compressor will not start, there is a relay that is holding out power to the contactor (wires #14 and #15)Jumping these wires will allow the compressor to start.


Did you got the electronic plans for Elektronikon?

I will like to share to you some of our work around the plans ot Elektronikon control.

Please feel free to ask us for the jpg diagrams at [email protected] or

These are not the whole schematics, only an internal descriptions and interfacing details.

We're also in a trouble trying to find out why an error "9820210748" ocurrs from the energy start and nothing else happens at the compressor.

We feel that communication software is required for downloading the inside firmware of elektronikon, but Atlas Copco has no reached us still to find a solution. They simply unknow the 9820210748 error.

We made that plans trying to find out a way to start the compressor just to keep working.

We finally made it... an it works even the 9820210748 error and only delivery pressure is watched by other pneumatic controller instead of elektronikon. Temperatures are not whatched.

I'll appreciate any who know something about the elektronikon trouble or any thing else about this controller to share with us so we keep continue.