Atlas Copco Sequencer ES100 Failure


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During a recent power glitch, our Atlas Copco Sequencer ES100 connected with GA37WWHITH MK3 series air compressors stopped working. an error message "System Failure" appears after switching the unit ON with the error:
code # 100300000000#.WHITH MK3.

There is no explanation from mfr. about the cause of this error and no information on troubleshooting.

Atlas Copco SEQUENCER E4 is configured with following hardware. (Mfr Atlas Copco Belgium)

CARD 1 (Display & Regulator) HRR E1
p/n 1900 0707 03 ed 00

Card 2 (COM 3)
p/n 1900 0701 71 ed 01

Card 3 (DIOE)
p/n 1900 0707 52 ed 01

Anybody having experience to rectify the problem or any information on availability of Sequencer card 1.