atv 71used to control hoist motor of crae


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mark villanueva

we are facing problem regarding our hoist motor. when we operates both hoist and lowering direction motor only vibrates and that it draws high current causing for atv 71 to tripped for motor overload. please note that hoist brake is open but still motor is not running and it only vibrates. is there any problem with our parameter setting or in our motor itself. please any advice will gladly appreciated.
It sounds like single phasing, check each phase with a clip on ammeter.
If it's not that could be mechanical jamming, Power down, LOCK OUT, release the brake (assuming you don't have a load on the hook and see if it can be turned by hand.


curt wuollet

I'd check that you have all 3 phases to the motor. And as I tell the techs I work with over and over, at least 50% of the "motor" problems I see are mechanical problems.