auto logon and Writing to SQL database.


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Kimberly Wang

Hello all,

We have a project which uses touch screen for monitoring the process and writing the data to SQL database through our company's network.

In order for the operator not to use keyboard to logon the PC, we have to do autologon. When you do autologon, you have logon as local machine
domain. However, if we want to write the data to the network SQL database, we have to use our company' domain to logon.

Is there a way that we can do auto logon and still be able to write data to the network SQL database?

Your discussion on this problem will be very appreciated.


Richard Dewees


What are you using to do the autologon?
How are you connecting to the SQL database also?

Rick Dewees
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Johan Bengtsson

You can autologon to your network domain as well

/Johan Bengtsson

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Pierre R. Hinse CET

Set-up your local Username/Password on the local machine exactly the same as The Username/Password on the server. When the PC acceses the network it will transmit the username and password to The server, and the server will accept it.

Pierre Hinse CET