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Thomas Krohn Germany

Hi everybody,
I am interested in automated engineering using Visual Basic. I would like to automate the placement of Valves, Vessels, etc. on a VB-form. The Information should come from a Excel- file. I would like to programm a "Wizard" creates a file with the VB extension *.frm. My final goal is to automate as much as I can using the lists. When I did my dissertation paper I have seen that companies die automation engineering with PCS7. They not just did the HMI (WinCC) with it
they also implemented most of the CFC's and SFC's as well. I would like to do the same with VB but just for small plants.
Any hint will be helpful for me.
Thank you
Thomas from Germany

Patrick Viskens

Your visual basic form contains a lot of properties that you need to fill in.
Make a list of these properties for each form. Each property listed you put on top of each column in your excel sheet. Each row of this excel sheet will be a new form. Save the excel file as CSV type of file. Make a VB program who reads the CSV file and put the propertys on the right place in the formtypical and save it under the formname you defined. Hopes that this will help you a little.

Kind regards

Patrick Viskens