Automated Fabric Pickup


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I am working on an automation project where I need to count and stack small fabric labels from another large stack. each label is 1 inch by 3 inch approx and it feeds to the machine in a vertical stack with the feed at the bottom. The requirement is to count predefined number of labels and bundle them. As the material is <b>Silk</b> it is hard to move them like we do with cardboard labels. I prefer a non pneumatic solution.

Thank you :)
This appears to be a point for a Process Engineer to deal with.

A great deal depends on the physical properties of the material, but would have thought pneumatic solution was the way - Suction to hold and pulsed air jets for label separation.

Counting labels is the easy part probably using optics.
Thank you very much for the reply. I am a final year engineering student who is doing an external project from a garment factory. We are now thinking about using static electricity to pick up the pieces one by one. No further experiments have been carried out to see if that really work. Any thoughts on that?
I think to pick up a small piece of fabric, I'd go with non-sealing vacuum, and reverse the flow to place or drop.