Automated pH sensor cleaning/calibration


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David Mills

Looking for an off-the-shelf system that automates cleaning and calibration of pH sensors. Reference junctions on sensors are being fouled by detergent solutions. Vendors include Honeywell Durafet and Rosemount. Prefer first-hand experience rather than theory or sales propaganda.
I've tried many solutions but not are
acceptable. To clean the sensor once a
day with a rag is still the best solution.
> I've tried many solutions but none are
> acceptable.

What vendors have you tried? Endress+Hauser, Great Lakes?

Dennis Fairifeld

USFilter Stranco (800-882-6466) makes a very convenient, application driven cleaning system for most water applications. I have used the non-pressurized (less than 10 feet of head pressure)in wastewater applications and it performed well. This method does not eliminate need for hand-cleanings but reduces drastically. As a note, the pH sensor provided by Stranco lasted much longer and was more accurate than the Honeywell or Rosemount pH probes. Another company to contact about automated probe cleaning is Innovative Sensors in California.