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mark v ray

does anyone know of some equipment that is used to select or grade oranges? i do not mean sizers , i have seen these and they are no brainers. maybe i am wasting my time asking but i would like to know if such an animal exists. is there any equipment that can grade some kind of fruit or vegetables? i would be interested in knowing of any technology in this area. mark ray

S.Jamal Sadreddini

Hi mark, Yes, there is equipments to grade fruits, if you mean only color of fruits, you can use fiber optic sensors, otherwise if you mean whole of fruit characteristics, you must use Vision Sensors or Pattern Matching Sensors. You can find these sensors from Omron Products, for example F-30 (Vision Sensor), F10(Pattern matching Sensor), F150 (Vision System) and finally F400 (Colour Vision Sensor). By this technology, you can inspect anything by vision systems (Camera, ...) and all results can be sent to Computer for Signal Processing. Sincerely Yours S.Jamal Sadreddini Yektavaran Inc. Tabriz- Iran email:[email protected]

Trevor Ousey

There is a system in use for apples locally on an Australian built system, I dont know much about it. I believe it is a colour system used to grade by the colour and texture of the apples. Sorry I cant be more precise. Trevor Ousey

gerald beaudoin

There are definitely machines that do sorting of our area there is a line of equipment that sorts apples...based on color, weight and diameter....the result is a bag or a tray of apples that are virtually identical. I dont remember the name of the manufacturer but they were out of Holland across the pond. Gerald Beaudoin
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