Automated Test System


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Bryan Gross

I need to create an automated test system for a safety-related PLC system that uses around 50 thermocouples. I need to simulate the 50 thermocouples with analog outputs that are controlled by a seperate PLC. I checked with Alan Bradley and their DC Voltage Output modules have 4 outputs each. I WOULD NEED 13!! Who sells a more cost effective system?

Curt Wuollet

This is a case where you need to define your real needs carefully. If you really need 50 independant, fully programmable, millivolt sources, simultaneously, it's going to be expensive. T&M quality DACS are expensive. If you can use relays and voltage dividers with a few programmable sources the cost will be dramatically less. The specific case is almost always much cheaper and easier to do than the general case, which is why needs assesment is important. It's also why general test systems are so expensive.