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Friedrich Haase

Moin list members, since long I use a PLC programming package which has an automated commenting feature. For each operand you type a comment just once. When using the operand in the PLC program you will get that comment automatically appended as long as you do not type a different one. From many other users I know they love this feature. Some (few) including me hate it. You will always have a "nicely commented program" even if most of the comments are meaningless as they only tell what the operand is used for but not what is going on in the program flow. What do other members think of this "automated commenting" feature? And are there other PLC programming tools using it? TIA Friedrich Haase


I personally dislike the programming packages the force you to comment as you add the addresses. I prefer to write a section of code, (a few rungs) then go back and comment the addresses for their usage, and add rung comments to document program flow. If I have to stop and comment the addresses each time, it is too easy to lose my train of thought. Just my $.02 --Joe Jansen
I'm with Joe Jansen on the train of thought thing. Development environments shouldn't force programmers to write program comments. Programmers should force themselves to comment their code. =================================== Mark Erdle Alpha Geek The Boolean Embassy ===================================
Interesting to see how different people approach their programming tasks. I try to define and comment all my I/O and memory variables before I start programming. e.g I:1.1 RUN_FEEDBACK 1=Run 0=Stop That way it is much easier for me to read and verify my source code while programming. My $0.02 Cheers Rolf RG Electrical Engineering & Consulting PO Box 37601, Winnellie NT 0821 Australia Tel: ++61 (0)8 8984 4385 Fax: ++61 (0)8 8984 4001 Mobile: 0417 837 933 Allen Bradley System Integrator Rockwell Strategic Software Provider