Automatic flow valve control , which one to use???


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I need to control flow rate of crude product .
Temp around 60 C . Flow rate should to be around 65 L/H .
Pipe size 1/2" .
What I need to use for that ?
I was thinking on some automatic valve control , but I did not find any .
Can you help me with this issue ?


Ajay Kasliwal

It should be possible, You can use small size plug type control valve suitable for very small cv range, Try with Fisher or mesonelian , You can look for valves in pharma catergory also , normally in that industry they use such kind
of valves.
If there aren't too many particultaes in the flow stream you might want to check out W.A. Kates (Clawson, MI). They have a mechnical flow control valve that when properly applied works very well. It is very simple to use and does not require electronics. I don't have their web address but their
TEL: 248.435.8225 / FAX: 248.435.8255

John Catch