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honnie ruth

Our project is an automatic paper "checker". b4 we can check the paper it has to be fed into the part of the machine where the sensors are. we would like to ask what type of motors would be ideal for such an operation. also how do you make the feeding continuous, that is, what do we need to do to make a feeder where you just place a stack of papers in the paper tray and it will be fed in continuously. can we do this in a purely mechanical way or is there a software we can use?

Per André Horpen


Stepper motors are ideal for these purpouses. You do not need any sensors at all, and you can do the control in programming if you like.

If you need some more info, just send me a mail, ok?

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Steve Hendrix

The top part of a fax machine would do the job you want. Most of them are driven with a stepper motor and have the page separation mechanism built in.
helo! i believe you were already done with your project the "PAPER CHECKER", can we ask for a copy of your documentation? pls do help us we
are also trying to workout that kind of project!thank you so much.
the email address is [email protected]