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Michael Griffin

I am working on an Automatic Production Statistics system, and I would like to inquire if there is any standard terminology or definitions used in this area.
The project consists of calculating such factors as down time, cycle time, fault counts, reject counts, alarm logging, etc., at the machine level, and then transferring these data to a central server for the entire plant where the information can be stored and analysed to help improve production efficiencies.
My question is with regards to whether there are standard definitions and terminology (official or defacto) for the machine states and the values calculated. If so, then I would like to use the standard terms. I realise that a number of custom systems have been implemented, but I was wondering if the terminology at least is

Our production processes typically follow the pattern of: 1) a material tranport system brings the major component into the station.
2) Some process or test is performed upon it (sometimes including adding smaller components).
3) The finished part is transported from the station and on to the next process.

The values calculated would include:
1) cycle time
2) time spent in auto
3) time spent in manual
4) time spent faulted
5) total number of faults (alarms)
6) time spent waiting for main components
7) time spent waiting for secondary components
8) time spent waiting to release main components
9) etc.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada
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Matthew da Silva

I am very interested in this subject and I will try to find a source. It is in my own interest too. Please post to this list or send an email to my mailbox if you make a significant progress.

It is useful to collect such standard terms.

Matthew da Silva
Yamatake Corporation
Tokyo, Japan