Automatically controlled water distribution


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Dear All,

I need all of your valuable comments/advice about Automatically controlled water distribution from a central control room. How many digital inputs and analog inputs required for the complete SCADA system for the controlling of the motorized valves and which ALlen bradly plc will be suit for this application


Let me try

For each valve what you need to know are, the current valve position, minimum and maximum limits, pressure before and after, flow rate (Optional). Another one for over pressure protection.

For the rest, I think you can configure in SCADA.

To share one of my works with you, recently I have just completed an online controller (PLC Based, HMI and SCADA activation) for one of my major run-of-river hydro power station. The main objectives of the controllers are (1) to find balance between natural river flow to the station intake (2) to regulate the balance condition at the selected intake water level. I have tested and commissioned it a few weeks ago. It works well so far.

Note that PLC programming was not done by me. I tendered it to the contractor. I was a project leader. I was responsible to develop the algorithm.

What are required? (1) Analog water levels (AI) -2 sets (2) Station generation statuses for both two units -4 DI (3) Controller status for both units - 4 DI (4) Alarms - 4 DO

Thank you.