Automating As-i Slave Configuration


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Hey All,

I have been searching the internet and this forum for an answer to this and along the way I have downloaded quite a bit of example source code (in various languages) to communicate over RTU and Modbus with a controller. I haven't found anything specifically for communicating with an As-i Master instead of a PLC, but I guess it is a PLC of sorts.

Basically I am looking to create a program which will automatically read information on all of the slaves on a given Master (I could connect via RTU, but Modbus/TCP-IP would be better). Ideally the idea would be to have a program which will connect to a Master and display all the information about the network- slave addresses, which channels are on/off, possibly the current values on each channel?
Sort of in the same way that the likes of CoDeSyS does but in a more easy to read fashion. The big benefit to making this would be that I would also be able to write information to the slaves programmatically instead of having to manually configure each one and ultimately be able to do neat stuff, like read data from a project spec and automatically configure the network based on the information within the spec, which is in essence what we do manually already.

We do already have some code which does a similar thing with a PLC, reading a list of variables from a project spec (CSV File) and declaring those variables etc in Unity Pro XL. This however only works in Unity and only with the PLC's which unity supports {configuring an As-I master for example is out the question).
What language would be best to use to achieve this and is it possible at all?

I should be able to pick up any language relatively quickly - the source code I have already is mainly Perl or VB.

Thanks in advance,